L’auteur Experience


As I grow older I find more pleasure in cafes than bars that were my absolute joy while I was younger. *Thinks* This sounds like a statement my forty year old self would say, have I slowed down that much? Sigh..

I was drawn to L’auteur because of  the artistry.  The way wood is creatively used to make the place beautiful. I suggested it for a meeting with a friend who is like me in many ways. We were both impressed at the entrance by the appearance of the space.We rushed to the big couch for a proper chill. We ordered for tea (which is kept warm by a candle) that we sipped amidst lots of laughter before we headed over to the book section which did not have only books but magazines too (Heaven).  I got soaked in a Cosmo mag and before we knew it we were hungry. I ordered a Caesar salad and  Bus ordered a club sandwich with  wedges.  The bits and pieces of the salad were cut  and severed in right proportions which is key to a well made salad.  Bus enjoyed his sandwich which I would have had a portion of if not for my intolerance to gluten. I had some of his wedges that were absolutely delish. I almost forgot to mention that the music selection is en pointé.

We wound up spending over 6 hours at this cozy cafe. L’auteur is not just a cafe, it is an experience. dsc_0771

Couch haven





Caesar salad, yum.
BusFra bracelets
Club sandwich and wedges


Smiles only brought by food
A nap after a heavy meal keeps the doctor away (HA HA)