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Let’s take a moment and appreciate the author of off shoulder pieces (silence), thank you. There are trends that translate to wardrobe essentials, and this one is definitely one of them.  Off shoulder tops are very easy to style, considering the fact they look good on every piece worn on the lower side of the body.

I styled mine with culottes pants, jelly shoes and see through socks. This gets me thinking how much fashion transitions. I could not have imagined as a young teenager that jelly shoes, socks in open shoes would ever be a thing. Socks in open shoes were an absolute faux pas. Dad had a habit of  wearing socks in sandals when he got back home from work, nothing irritated me more.

Prints give me life 😃 this african print off shoulder top was custom-made by my friend Juliana . The outfit can be worn to a casual event, on a weekend or any casual outing. The top can be styled differently for other occasions like Sunday service, to work on a Friday, lunch with friends …

I hope you like this style. In the meantime, I think the time for me to change my hair is come, I am open to suggestions 😘

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I had an exciting weekend. My girls and I stepped out of town to celebrate Sheilah’s birthday by Lake Victoria. I had so much fun that I forgot to capture some of the cutest moments (Shy Face) but at least I managed to capture my outfit of the day.

This short sleeve dress is something I was not so sure about purchasing. I had major doubts about it flattering my body build, yet I loved the freedom it comes with. We all know how that ended, it is on the blog 🙂  The not so obvious high low hemmed theme is something I like. It makes me feel more secure especially in windy weather because my behind (which I do not have much control over)  is well covered.

The first thought to match it with long strap sandals but that would be so obvious. I wanted to be free too. I wound up settling for a different kind of strap sandals, the double strap. I achieved the freedom feel I wanted to experience the entire day. Oh and by the way, freedom is my biggest inspo. What’s yours?

Sending love to all the October babies.

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Pastel Blue


Pastel colors are life. There softness bring a breath of fresh air to an outfit just like flowers do, no wonder they’re trending this year!   Putting this outfit together was no brainer mainly because I had a bag of the same color shade as the shorts. This gave me the freedom to wear whatever shade of shoes I pleased because the bag had a friend (Ha Ha).Pastel colors have not been very easy for me to match in the past because they seem to rebel black all the time,  I was pleased when I got this one together with not much effort.

I am trying change my entire closet to a minimalist one but boy oh boy, my love for  prints keeps letting me down. But who would resist this top?  🙂  I have won these red pumps consecutively for about two weeks now, they’re super comf and they look great in my feet. This is the kind of outfit you are likely to find me wearing on a Saturday.

I hope you had a lovely day.

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Full Size Dress


Welcome back from the weekend, I am hoping you had enough rest. So  this full size dress got my attention while I was shopping downtown. There was something about the print that I could not resist. It has hung in my closet for a while waiting on motivation to make it work which I got after two months. First, I combined the dress with only a belt but something was missing. I layered a white shirt under the dress and viola everything fell in place. I had my perfect ensemble. Rich and playful just like it. 🙂  A full size dress can be styled in different ways however, with just a belt and boots for a laid back look, a hut and sandals with chunky jewelry for a weekend look.                                                                           Let’s go out and catch our dreams, have a fruitful week.

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Dress Down Town





















This dress is of a blanket texture, this means that I do not need to wear a coat ☺,  on the downside, the sun can decide to make permanent visit. I was mumbling  “sunshine not today, maybe another day, georgous Rebecca will burn, sunshine not today” And just as I remember the rhyme working for me as a child, it worked today too (well..until about 4pm) not too bad, right?
This dress follows the T.shirt trend that is still on going. I love the double pockets on both sides and the V neck. I added black socks to sheild my legs from the cold.I styled it with a belt to add to my shape and tribal printed scarf. I made sure to match the colors so the outfit is well put together.  I finished the look with black ankle boots and dull cream bag.
Tip: Do away with a belt if you are apple shaped.


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How to Match Prints.








Today is my birthday (💃whoop whoop💃) and just like many girls, this is a day I’m excited about and prepare for.
How I look like is very important to me so I went looking for something that will get people complementing me all day and also speak to my soul.
I gasped with love when I saw this round skirt!😍 The color is rich, the prints are subtle yet visible, the material is of the right weight.
I’m fascinated by the richness of prints, they are busy yet very beautiful.  Paring two different prints is a very difficult art to pull off but not impossible.  I matched the prints on the skirt with the collar on the top from Marish Designs. and together they made beautiful harmony.
Here are tips on how to match prints;
🔱 Work with reverse colors.
🔱 Carry a plain purse.
🔱 Match one color at the very least.
Happy matching.

These pictures were taken from Papali on the Roof by Cate Ayellah who did my make up too.

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