Lady in the woods.


Happy 2017!                         

Beginnings are usually exciting and motivating because they represent hope😀.So far,2017  has been very good to us in Kampala,weather wise especially because January is usually a hot month. I am very grateful for this 🙂 

Dressing up in the cold weather can be challenging most times especailly when I intend to appear feminine, chic and warm at the same time.  I prefer sweaters to jackets even though I own more jackets.

This double layered skirt, is everything. I am fascinated by its meticulous attention to detail. The maker should be a person of depth. I mean it’s double layered yet still see through. I tucked in a juniper green pullover sweater to compliment the earth color of the skirt. It is imporatant to get proportions right, balance is key. If you are wearing a mini skirt, an oversized sweater is ideal and vice versa. Equilibrium is essential for colour and texture as well. A monochrome skirt will balance the bold pattern of a sweater, while a simpler knit sweater will look great with an embellished skirt.

I finished my look with brown boots to remain earth strong. 

Photography BusFra



We Walk in Jumpsuits.


I still can’t believe 2017 is just 40 days away! Time did not fly this much when I was younger, probably because I did not have so much to do. All the same, I am so greatful to be alive 🙂

When shopping I look out for versatility in clothing among other aspects. This jumpsuit checked that box. It can be worn in many ways according to how it is styled, to a diner with heels, an out door event, an easy Sunday… I love to wear it as a chill outfit like this specifi day that I wore it to a walk.

I styled it with grey canvas lace up sneakers and a denim hoodie for a minimal look . I hope you enjoy it. Remember to take walks whenever you can, it’s good for both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Photography BusFra

Jumpsuit Forever21








As I grow older, I appreciate plain clothing more and more.. I am obsessed with thin strapped sleevless tops, I look out for them whenever I’m shopping. They’re simple, comfortable and go with about anything. They can pull off a casual look, cooperate look, evening wear… they just seem to fit every where. I paired this one with a thigh high slited high low skirt. I must say I was not a fun of the high low trend but this skirt got my attention because of the symmetry of the slit with the high low design. It has a natural flow. I have also recently found pleasure in holding little bags, they’re convenient and easy to carry around. This brown one is one of favourites now because of its authentic image. I finished the look with a beautiful African print chocker from  The Kona which I absolutely love. It is two sided therefore, I can play around with it to match multiple outfits ☺ I’m warming up to accessories, wondering what took me long!

Thank you for stopping by,

Love Rebecca.