It will Shine Again…

Today I let go of someone I held dear for a long time 💔 💔 such a hard decision (Sigh)

This caused me to think of all other people in a similar situation. Going through any sort of break up or loss can be very difficult especially if it’s during a festive season. Sadly, such is life!

You however,are never alone, millions of creatures all over the world are connected to you in very similar situations. 

I resonated with this, 

At your absolute best you still won’t be good enough for the wrong person. 

At your worst, you’ll still be worth it to the right person.

Remember this. 

And this…

New beginnings are often disguised as painful ending …

– Lao Tzu 

Now, let’s not pretend we are okay, let’s allow ourselves to go through the motions for a better healing. 

I love you for stopping by,

Love Rebecca. 

Jacket Marks and Spenser 


L’auteur Experience


As I grow older I find more pleasure in cafes than bars that were my absolute joy while I was younger. *Thinks* This sounds like a statement my forty year old self would say, have I slowed down that much? Sigh..

I was drawn to L’auteur because of  the artistry.  The way wood is creatively used to make the place beautiful. I suggested it for a meeting with a friend who is like me in many ways. We were both impressed at the entrance by the appearance of the space.We rushed to the big couch for a proper chill. We ordered for tea (which is kept warm by a candle) that we sipped amidst lots of laughter before we headed over to the book section which did not have only books but magazines too (Heaven).  I got soaked in a Cosmo mag and before we knew it we were hungry. I ordered a Caesar salad and  Bus ordered a club sandwich with  wedges.  The bits and pieces of the salad were cut  and severed in right proportions which is key to a well made salad.  Bus enjoyed his sandwich which I would have had a portion of if not for my intolerance to gluten. I had some of his wedges that were absolutely delish. I almost forgot to mention that the music selection is en pointé.

We wound up spending over 6 hours at this cozy cafe. L’auteur is not just a cafe, it is an experience. dsc_0771

Couch haven





Caesar salad, yum.
BusFra bracelets
Club sandwich and wedges


Smiles only brought by food
A nap after a heavy meal keeps the doctor away (HA HA)


Shades of Green


I love how fast time flies when it’s raining, how I am always hydrated because of the several cups of tea through out the day. I need not to mention that the light is perfect for photography. I like to wear clothes that have a flare of light on dull days, I think it is my unconscious way of showing gratitude for the rain. This turquoise coat was the perfect piece today. I must admit though, it was difficult to style because the color is quite a task to put together which I did not anticipate earlier.  But then I figured to match with a similar shade of color and everything fell in place.

Block heels are a real life hack, I salute the inventor. This multi color pair is my favorite at the moment.

I hope you had a warm day.

Photography BusFra

Location L’auteur

Shoes Pooshaki collections

Bracelets BusFra









All Black Vibes.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing you already know who, an #AllBlackPost 😂. All black will never go out of style in Fashion (Pun intended).Moving on, I loved shirt dresses since their debut over two years back. As I grow older, the realisation that “comfy and edgy” is my style is continually emphasized. This shirt dress is one of those items. I can allow my stomach stretch over a meal and have no fear of appearing like I have a baby bump.

The masculine inspired theme is another element I am totally down for! We have seen women fashion borrow a lot from menswear in the past two years. This is a norm I feel lucky is happening at a time I am alive because it means more comfy and edgy trends.

This dress can be worn with a belt too and boots. I recommend getting a loose sized dress for this look. I hope you had a lovely day ❤

For stopping by, you are appreciated,

Love Rebecca.

Photography BusFra

Dress Fashion Bug

Shoes Marish Designs

Accessories BusFra

Bag Atmosphere










Take a moment and imagine a typical guys reaction to the Title of this post 😂Anyway back to business, 2016 has been an excting year for fashion! Dominated by the neutrals concept. The “nude” trend which also is branch of the neutrals concept is something fresh, not like many other trends that have made a come back. Which explains the resurgence of this trend not forgetting the very beautiful fact that it celebrates the different skin tones. I am sure, it has taught many of us to love the color of our skins even more.

 Brown as a color has been a major design element since the inception of the nude notion. I have have always loved brown as a color, mostly because of its rich beautiful hues. It is exciting to see the various hues of brown being celebrated. It took me a while to get an outfit that very close to my skin tone. I landed on a skirt and then the camisole a few weeks later( You cannot imagine how excited I was). It was no doubt that I was going to go monochrome on this one. I added a golden metallic belt to add poise to the outfit and a chocker to make it fun. Chocolate / mahogany is my nude, what’s yours? 

Thanks for stopping by,

Love Rebecca.

Photography BusFra

 Shoes Nine West

Chocker The Kona

 Bag bnb_e_shop 

Accesories  Mr.Price and BusFra.

Full Size Dress


Welcome back from the weekend, I am hoping you had enough rest. So  this full size dress got my attention while I was shopping downtown. There was something about the print that I could not resist. It has hung in my closet for a while waiting on motivation to make it work which I got after two months. First, I combined the dress with only a belt but something was missing. I layered a white shirt under the dress and viola everything fell in place. I had my perfect ensemble. Rich and playful just like it. 🙂  A full size dress can be styled in different ways however, with just a belt and boots for a laid back look, a hut and sandals with chunky jewelry for a weekend look.                                                                           Let’s go out and catch our dreams, have a fruitful week.

Thank you for stopping by,

Love Rebecca.

Photography Busfra

Shoes Nine West

Dress Down Town












MultiPle PrInT Blouse 

If any of my friends saw this outfit on a mannequin, they would point (Yes they do) and say, “that’s so Rebecca”.  I would pick items like these anytime, anywhere, any day.  I like rich and fun clothing. May be because those are some of my life goals ( Being rich and having fun in everything I do) :mrgreen: This multiple patterned blouse gives me both elements. Shorts, hats and chockers are some of my favourite items for sure. Small bags have my heart, this maroon one being the smallest in my closet. I particularly like how the different items are in sync. 

I hope you are having a lovely evening . Let the weekend Begin! 💃

Thank you for stopping by,

Love Rebecca. 

Photography by Rodney Mpumbya.