Take a moment and imagine a typical guys reaction to the Title of this post 😂Anyway back to business, 2016 has been an excting year for fashion! Dominated by the neutrals concept. The “nude” trend which also is branch of the neutrals concept is something fresh, not like many other trends that have made a come back. Which explains the resurgence of this trend not forgetting the very beautiful fact that it celebrates the different skin tones. I am sure, it has taught many of us to love the color of our skins even more.

 Brown as a color has been a major design element since the inception of the nude notion. I have have always loved brown as a color, mostly because of its rich beautiful hues. It is exciting to see the various hues of brown being celebrated. It took me a while to get an outfit that very close to my skin tone. I landed on a skirt and then the camisole a few weeks later( You cannot imagine how excited I was). It was no doubt that I was going to go monochrome on this one. I added a golden metallic belt to add poise to the outfit and a chocker to make it fun. Chocolate / mahogany is my nude, what’s yours? 

Thanks for stopping by,

Love Rebecca.

Photography BusFra

 Shoes Nine West

Chocker The Kona

 Bag bnb_e_shop 

Accesories  Mr.Price and BusFra.


7 thoughts on “NUDES UNDER THE SUN 

  1. i was brought here by the “nudes under the sun” header …. well i am just a simple man..i would love to say the accessories blend perfect with the dress. The chocker and the bangles are quite a match. A lot of people normally spoil a perfect dress when they over accessorize.

    I will act like i didn’t see the shoes and the bag……its a lie. Beautiful dress well blended accessories. mmmm….. 9.8/10 ..

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  2. Really liking this look on you! its a little too cold for me to pull this look off this season but best believe spring/summer next year ill be ready. Also my husband is really into photography and said these shots of you, angles, and backgrounds are perfect.

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