I am willing to bet that more too often you feel the need to dress down at work at the beginning of the week. You are not to blame, casual clothing are convenient. I mean, you don’t need to iron jeans, you can wear them more than once without a wash…I am positive these are some of the reasons why jeans are a classic in both women’s and men’s wear.

Pairing jeans with blazers to work is basic, and yet I drive energy off being different. This long black see-through top enabled me look and feel edgy, which is my zone. If you are wearing jeans to work early in the week, pair them with dull colors, like I did with black.

I hope you like it, drop by a comment, I will surely reply.

Pictures – Cate Ayellahย from Papali on the roof.

Thanks for stopping by,

Love, Rebecca.






14 thoughts on “JEANS ON A TUESDAY

  1. Amazing amazing amazing, i like the top but damn i love the jeans! I like how you go from sleek sleeky on the top, to street style on the jeans and then you wrap it up with the statement heels! This is soooo cool Becky! Go girl

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