How to Match Prints.








Today is my birthday (💃whoop whoop💃) and just like many girls, this is a day I’m excited about and prepare for.
How I look like is very important to me so I went looking for something that will get people complementing me all day and also speak to my soul.
I gasped with love when I saw this round skirt!😍 The color is rich, the prints are subtle yet visible, the material is of the right weight.
I’m fascinated by the richness of prints, they are busy yet very beautiful.  Paring two different prints is a very difficult art to pull off but not impossible.  I matched the prints on the skirt with the collar on the top from Marish Designs. and together they made beautiful harmony.
Here are tips on how to match prints;
🔱 Work with reverse colors.
🔱 Carry a plain purse.
🔱 Match one color at the very least.
Happy matching.

These pictures were taken from Papali on the Roof by Cate Ayellah who did my make up too.

Thanks for stopping by,

❤  Rebecca ❤


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