Girly black dress.





After a very long time, I braided my hair which has stayed more than two weeks this time (I can do this 💪) I am not being dramatic, it’s the first time in 3 years!
This hair has got me feeling girly, so when I set my eyes on this dress I knew it was the dress for the season. (The hair season) My favourite part of this dress is the shoulders, I love how playful it is especially when the wind blows, it makes me look like those fancy English girls. Oh and the fact that it is black ☺
I styled the hair with a bow tie that can double as a hair ribbon too.
Prints are forever beautiful and add light to plain outfits like this one.
These images were taken from

Papali on the Roof


Cate Ayellah.

Have a beautiful day ahead.

Thanks for stopping by,

Love Rebecca.


4 thoughts on “Girly black dress.

  1. You definitely look good in this black dress. Every girl has to have at least one black dress! Nice way of brightening it up with accessories and your braids are gorgeous!


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