Do You See What I See?

The Walk of Faith

Do you see what i see

(Follow-up fromGird Up Your Loins, Uganda!)

The diversified media setup has been rife with all manner of pointers toward the coming time, but it’s woeful that it all seems to have passed-by in a blur, seeing that not many of us Ugandans have cared to give these occurrences due attention.  Yes, we know elections are now 16 days away, and that there are 8 Presidential candidates, one of whom is the beloved Eng. Mabirizi!  Generally, we have a broad, yet shallow knowledge of the season.  We leave the deep intricate details to the political analysts who also seem to constantly be skipping from one allegation to another.  It’s a sea of conspiracy theories.

This all seems like too much work for our already pre-occupied minds, especially considering those loud-mouthed guys always pointing at the possibility of violence.  Just a five-minute thought about this possibility (and its resultant effect…

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