How to wear shorts on red carpet.


I have been trying to avoid writing about this outfit because I’ve got only one clear picture of it which wasn’t proffesionaly taken. (Whisper’s sorry)
The compliments I got and questions as to why I haven’t blogged about the outfit brings both of us here ☺
I wore this outfit for the Abraynz Style and Fashion Awards that were on Saturday. Some people found this awkward since it was a red carpet event.


Tonight I share with you tips on how to rock shorts on the red carpet. First, I have to emphasize that the Red Carpet is no appropriate place for casual clothing. This means casual material like denim must be avoided especially on the lower side of the body. Suspenders and a bowtie reveal a formal look in a very detailed and playful way so they are definitely to be considered.
Ditch your 4″ shoes for a 6″ pair because the longer the legs the sexier ;). If you are wearing suspenders and a bowtie make sure the shoes are subtle because a lot is already going on with the outfit. Dare to be different.

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Love, Rebecca.


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