It has been a while, hasn’t it? It is only because we as humans cannot predict life. I had to run many errands today so I decided to wear flats. This outfit would have looked much better with heels especially the sharp shooters.


I like the blend of colors that are close to one another in appearance like this brown and maroon I wore today. Something about it is effortless!


Last week one of my readers asked me to take back and side shots too. I must say I am humbled by your response towards Rain Drops! Thank you for encouraging me and giving me those much needed tips. Thank you for making me better.


Please feel free to comment and ask me anything. My facebook user name is Rebecca Nanjego, Twitter @rebecca_beckie and Instagram @Rebecca_Nanjego. DSC_0771


Thanks for stopping by,

Love Rebecca.


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  1. Le back shots doe! I love the outfit, works well for us who are unstable with heels, if i had big things i would probably look as good in those pants too but oh well! I will stick to my very skinny jeans

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