I did not tell you why I chose to name my blog Rain Drops! Ever wondered? Well, let me not keep you waiting any longer.

If you do not know me personally and have read any of my previous posts, you should have noticed that I am very playful. I like it, sometimes though I just can’t seem to stop! I admire calm and collected women a lot, you never seem to know what they are thinking which is a very powerful trait. Rain fall transforms me into this woman 🙂 Kind of like the colors in this outfit. The colors are soft and calm yet they make a beautiful blend just like those women I admire.


When it’s raining all I want to do is be warm and think. I smile in my head because for those few minutes I get to be a different person until the sun is up again! (wolf / vampire like behavior don’t you think?)

Rain also comes along with the best scent in my view which is the combination of rain water and soil, especially on a hot day! This scent makes me thank my maker for life.


I like boots and jackets too which I do not get to wear a lot. Especially my cream trench coat that makes me feel like a “summer” on these Kampala streets.

Lastly (that sounds like a conclusion to my school essays Lord..) the emotion rainfall evokes in most human beings which is usually the need of warmth from another human being. (VictoriaforChrist please do not kill me)


Basically most of my Favorited things happen when it is raining 🙂 Oh and the exclamation mark at the end just looks like a raindrop it’s self which is a win. What do you like to do when it rains?


Thank you for stopping by,

Love, Rebecca.


8 thoughts on “PERSONAL.

  1. Also when it rains, i like to watch the way the rain drops slide down the windows and then wonder how far they moved before they landed there, didn’t they get tired on the way?(LOL)….rain makes me ponder about the big picture, am
    sucker for rain!

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