I’m sure you have heard of Blankets and Wine. It is basically an event that collects a certain group of people, (Cool kids, Fashionistas, Live music lovers, outdoor kind of people among others)

I love this event, it is everything good in one place! I mean live music, wine, friends you haven’t seen in a long time,  everyday friends, Celebs, fashionistas! The 10th Edition which was Yesterday was the best so far if you asked me… Apass, Sam Kimera, Solome, Lillian Mbabazi, Weasel, need I continue?


Dressing up for this event is always a challenge for me because I do not like looking ordinary yet there are few ordinary looking people at this event.(the struggle!)

I tried to get creative with these white shorts, a black long see through top, and wedges.


I bought the clothes from Owino Market, not only because I cannot afford mall prices yet but also because it is not difficult to find something different downtown. Mclemore in his latest song is right when he says “you ain’t seen nothing yet until you are downtown”


Thanks for stopping by,

Love Rebecca.


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