Another One for the Dark Days

Today’s Inspiration.

Limitless Marvel

‘Over the mountains and the hills, where does my help come from?’

In my weakness, you are strong! Perfection evades me but details never escape you! We are a good pair, you and I. Me the clumsy wuss, you the exquisite solution. I the snail, you the cheetah. Am losing pace every minute, am losing sleep over every steep slope that tomorrow presents, trying to catch my breath but feeling inadequate for the next task. Failure. And some more. Weakness. And some more! Who am I? I can’t recognize myself past this misty haze, imperfection blurs my eyesight. Perfection is my enemy, I am socially incorrect, and the status quo rejects me, the flow left before I could go with it.

But I have you, cheetah, you outrun my feeble knees. Creator, you formed my inward parts and you know what my heart becomes when flaws meet dark days. You…

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